The University of Maryland's Social Interaction Group Network for All (UMD SIGNA) was developed for UMD college students who want to understand others, express themselves and navigate academic & campus life in better ways without losing their individuality.

What is SIGNA's purpose?

  • To help SIGNA members gain comfort and confidence with interpersonal interactions

  • To teach SIGNA members conversational and self-advocacy skills

  • To help SIGNA members identify and work on executive functioning skills that support personal, academic and professional success

  • To work collaboratively with the SIGNA members to develop their own personal goals 

  • To offer more opportunities for SIGNA members to make friends who will appreciate their diversity and individuality

​What are some of the things SIGNA members will learn?

  • conversational skills

  • listening skills

  • interviewing skills

  • making and keeping friends

  • interpreting tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language

  • navigating campus life and the professional world


Visit the UMD SIGNA website at  

To learn more call (301) 405-4218  or email signa [at]

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