EFFECT (Executive Functioning for Effective Cognitive Transformation)

This program serves to help community college or 4-year college-bound neurodivergent high school teens build better executive functioning skills to be more successful with home, school, and social activities. Teens who may benefit from group and dyad sessions are also able to handle the academic rigor high school offers, but may fall short on the executive functioning skills needed to be successful in the next stage of their lives. 

Skills addressed 
  • Planning/organization
  • Time Management/Estimation
  • Prioritization
  • Problem Solving/Decision-making
  • Task initiation/monitoring/completion
  • Motivation 
  • Flexibility & Stress Management 
The EFFECT program works best if taken as a back-to-back companion course with the modified PEERS® program.

EFFECT Spring 2023: Starting week of February 6th and ending the week of May 1st, 2023

The University of Maryland- Virtual EFFECT for Teens Executive Functioning for Effective Cognitive Transformation Weekly Individual Sessions (different days) & Friday Group Session

PEERS® (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills) 

PEERS is a 14-week, 90-minute, evidence-based social skills intervention for motivated teens in high school who are interested in learning ways to help them make and keep friends. During each group session, teens are taught a variety of social interaction options and are given the opportunity to choose and practice these skills in sessions during role-play activities. Parents attend separate 90-minute sessions and are taught how to assist their teens in making and keeping friends by helping to expand their teen’s social network to increase opportunities that align with the teen’s interests and providing feedback through coaching during weekly take home activities. 
*Parent participation is required.
​**Initial intake appointment required & teen must be accepted into the program.
What will teens in PEERS® learn?
  • Conversational Skills 
  • Strategies for Handling Peer Pressure
  • Appropriate Use of Humor
  • Electronic Communication
  • Peer Entry & Exiting Skills
  • Handling Teasing, Bullying, Arguments and Disagreements with Peers
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Having Appropriate Get-Togethers with Friends that Align with Interests without Having to Mask Their Identities
Registration based on demand. Please email umd-teenpeers-effect [at] for more information on our next course offering or call the Hearing and Speech Clinic at (301) 405-4218

Visit the UMD PEERS® program website to learn more about both of these programs.




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