Accent Modification Program

The purpose of accent modification is not to completely eliminate an accent. Our goal is to give participants knowledge and strategies that will make their spoken English easier for others to understand, whether this is in the classroom or during professional presentations. While intensive training sessions are offered, real success is making a participant's speech easier to understand will require constant, frequent practice of strategies in day-to-day life. Consistent attendance and completion of home assignments are the most critical factors for being successful in this program. 

The focus of our program is first, identification of the range and source of accent problems in non-native English speakers and second, the development of a treatment plan to systematically improve speech clarity. 

What is the structure of the program?

The Accent Modification Program runs for roughly 12 weeks during fall and spring semester and consists of two phases: introduction and continuation. All participants will receive a pre and post-test to provide data on performance during the introduction program. Based on test results, observation, and participant goals, a treatment plan is developed for each participant. This treatment plan is individualized and addresses specific sound production, stress and/or intonation patterns. Participants will have access to resources, practice materials, and home practice activities. Graduate clinicians under the direct supervision of the program director, Eusebia Mont, or other designated clinical faculty, facilitate all sessions. 

Initial Program - Fall Semester
Participants new to the program will begin with one large group session for 90 minutes each week and a small group (two participants) session for 50 minutes each week. The large group is designed to focus on overarching themes related to native English. Participants engage in functional practice within a group and peer teaching. The small group sessions allow for specialized instruction and practice based on each participant's individualized treatment plan. 

Continuation Program - Spring Semester

The continuation program is designed for participants that have completed the initial program and wish to continue working on their speech production. Production will focus on individualized goals developed during the initial program, attending two 50-minute, individual sessions each week. Participants integrate and practice skills learned during the initial program, systematically work toward mastery of their treatment plan and improve self-analysis skills. 

​Contact the Program Manager, Eusebia Mont, for more information at ​(301) 405-4237 or emont [at]

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