Cochlear Implant Mapping & Assessment 

  • CI mapping is the process of adjusting the stimulation of a cochlear implant to change the way the patient hears.  We make changes to how much electrical stimulation goes to the various channels of the implant to improve the way the patient hears speech, environmental sounds, and even music.

  • The sessions entail programming the patient's processor (a small computer worn on the ear) which sends sound inwards to the implant via electrical signals.

  • In the appointments, the patient makes judgements of volume and sound quality while the audiologist stimulates different parts of the implant.

  • The audiologist also turns on the microphone of the processor for the patient to hear and make additional changes so that speech is clear and comfortable.

  • After the mapping, the audiologist tests the patient in a sound booth to optimize the programming if needed and to monitor the patient's performance. 

Download Our Tips and Tricks for Telecommunication: Communicating with Someone Who Has a Cochlear Implant!

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