Did you know that cochlear implant (CI) services are offered here on campus through our audiology clinic? Services include CI candidacy assessment for patients interested in obtaining a cochlear implant, as well as programming to improve the way patients with CIs hear speech, environmental sounds, and even music. Services are provided by or under the supervision of clinical faculty member and CI specialist Nicole Nguyen, Au.D., CISC, FAAA. Dr. Nguyen works closely with our partner location, the Hearing and Balance Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. Our CI clinic in College Park provides state of the art services for patients with cochlear implants, while providing unique hands-on learning opportunities for our AuD students. 


Cochlear Implant Candidacy

  • For patients interested in obtaining a cochlear implant, or learning more about these devices, a candidacy assessment appointment should be scheduled in the College Park location. 

  • To determine candidacy, we want to see how the person with hearing loss benefits from their hearing aids. During the assessment, the patient is tested with sentences while listening with their hearing aids.

  • If performance with hearing aids is poor, the patient will likely benefit from a cochlear implant.


Download our Tips and Tricks for Telecommunication: Communicating with Someone Who Has a Cochlear Implant!

To schedule an appointment, contact our clinic at (301) 405-4218 or hespclinic [at] umd.edu.

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05/25/2021 - 11:36 am